The easiest way to learn how to use infographics to dominate social media and SEO

Experts in infographic marketing, data visualization and research, design and promotion share their strategies and tricks of the trade in a condensed, easy to read, resource-full report. The Infographic Marketing Cheat Sheet teaches you everything you need to know to create a top infographic.

This Infographic Cheat Sheet Is the Internet Entrepreneur’s Dream.

The infographics are currently kicking it on the Internet, driving traffic and backlinks for SEO and Google rankings, sales and conversions, shares and likes on social media for all kinds of businesses. Visual representations of interesting information/data visualizations are the most succesful marketing strategies of start-ups, SEO and social media experts such as Brian Dean of Backlinco, Neil Patel of Quicksprout and even Forbes500 companies.

If you want to reach your target audience and easily create a viral message you need to create an infographic. It is far more persuasive and memorable than an article or blog post, it’s easier to understand and effective on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. People love to share beautiful infographs.

Learning the ins and outs of researching topics, interesting statistics and original content, finding infographic agency or a designer, figuring out successful marketing strategies would normally take weeks. What can you do If you’re busy and don’t have time for that? What if you want get results and you want them as fast as possible?

That’s why we created the most useful tutorial on how to create, design and market infographics. Infographic Cheat Sheet in only 10 pages contains tons of inspiration, ideas, examples, actionable tips, workflows, templates structured in an easy to follow layout.

What kind of results our customers achieved?

“This is the best growth hacking tool I have tried so far. It helped me to quickly create an infographic that became very popular and shared on top blogs including Mashable, Lifehacker and Huffington Post. Our Facebook page went from a few hundred followers to seven thousands in a few days and traffic to our startup skyrocketed.”

Josh MyersStartup co-founder

“I used it to create an infographic for my design company and it has made a world of difference. Not only has it generated buzz surrounding my services, it has actually landed me new contracts with large clients. Using this cheat sheet has opened doors for my freelance business I never even knew existed.”

Karen WilkesFreelance designer

“Using this cheat sheet we were able to create an amazing infographic that got customers talking about our info product and brought them to our site for more information. It has tripled our website traffic and has had thousands of shares on social media and blogs. It has helped to establish our company as one of the forerunners in the industry.”

Ira MassimoInternet Entrepreneur

“I wanted to create one myself but didn’t know where to begin. This cheat sheet made it easy to create an awesome infographic that clearly outlined the message I was trying to convey. It saved me a great deal of time figuring out the layout, fonts, dimensions, icons, best submission sites. I never would have been able to lay it out the way that infographic cheat sheet taught me to. ”

Dianna MontagueSEO consultant

Why you should get Infographic Marketing Cheat Sheet?

It will save you tens of hours of digging through visualization tools, elements, sites and directories.

In less than an hour you can become an infographic marketing expert and start on creating your own cool infographic. You will get the basics and best practices that work and that has been already tested for its effectiveness.

By applying the tutorials and ideas featured here you will make the best infographics online easily and you will:

  • Increase your website traffic

    Creative Infographics will help you grow brand awareness and get more direct referrals.

  • Get more backlinks

    Attract hundreds of new links to improve SEO and Google rankings with a great infographic.

  • Maximize your sales

    Target your audience interests and multiply your leads and conversion rate.

  • Get more shares, likes and followers

    Become popular on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter with social media friendly infographic.

Want to use Infographs as an efficient internet marketing tool to promote your business?

Find out exactly how in our no fluff resource full of design tips, tools and inspiration on creating and marketing amazing infographics.

Are you busy? We have spent more than 100 hours into putting the best data visualization techniques, examples, software and tools together so you won’t have to. It’s the perfect how to visualize data resource if you don’t want to waste any time on research.

In a matter of minutes you will get awesome techniques, instructions and help on how to make your own infographic very effective:

Detailed guide

A step-by-step workflows, showcase, tutorials, examples and ideas to help you succeed.

Useful resources

Data visualization tools, software, generators, templates, list of submission sites.

Tips and Tricks

Detailed instructions, inspiration and help to make an effective data visualization.

Best practices

How to avoid the biggest mistakes and pitfalls that can ruin an infographic.

Promo advice

Best directories to submit your infographic and how to approach top bloggers.

Track sucess

Find the backlinks, infographic shares and quantify SEO, social media results.

The Infographic Cheat Sheet is up to date resource that has all the tips & tricks you need to create an efficient cool infographic in a condensed and easy to read form.

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