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GMAT Verbal might be the most challenging part of the test even for native English speakers, let alone those for whom English is a second language. Thousands of the GMAT test takers, who easily scored in the 99 percentile in GMAT Quantative, have serious issues obtaining the same level in Verbal.

While the GMAT Verbal scope doesn’t go beyond what’s covered in a high school curriculum, GMAT uses all kinds of tricks to make it tough such as trying to focus you on the wrong thing, a subtle word meaning, superfluous text added, misdirection, similar sounding answers, pressure of running out of time and forcing you to read complex scientific material you may have zero interest in.

We take the guesswork out of GMAT Verbal by providing you effective techniques in no time.

How about that?

Sometimes you might get the wrong answer on GMAT Verbal just by missing one tiny concept, nothing more than a single word.

Learning GMAT Verbal to achieve a high score can take weeks and months poring through numerous textbooks, manuals and online courses. What if you don’t have time for that? What if you’re busy with your job, or your family and can only spare a few minutes here and there? Do you want to confront your weak areas and challenge yourself with answering the most difficult questions?

gmat verbal review

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This is one of the most comprehensive and at the same time brief and easy to understand resources to take your GMAT Verbal to the next level. It’s ideal for me as a very busy person who doesn’t have much free time to go through forums, blogs, tons of books and courses.

James B. SutherlandBroker

As an ESL student, I didn’t have much hope for my Verbal score on GMAT as it seemed impossible in terms of time and commitment required. I didn’t have much expectations but this cheat sheet helped me to quickly grasp and apply bunch of strategies and techniques to really improve my Verbal.

Cui TuMBA appllcant

I was so lost in the ocean of tools and resources I have used in my GMAT Verbal study so it was a total mess in my head. However, this cheat sheet helped to organize and structure my knowledge in a very short time along with other things. That’s truly remarkable!

Birgit FaberMBA student

If you’ve already used GMAT Math Cheat Sheet, this is a perfect companion covering verbal part. My students love both of them because these cheat sheets help to really focus on practice and training as well as easy understanding of complex concepts. I like free updates and the team is open to the feedback regarding the material.

Ashok KumarGMAT Instructor

Want to develop knowledge, skills and strategies necessary for success on GMAT with clear explanations and step-by-step walkthroughs?

Here’s how our GMAT Verbal Review Cheat Sheet can help you:

  • Effective strategies to help you answer questions more quickly and accurately
  • Methods to improve logic skills for critical reasoning and analysis of complex arguments
  • Key grammatical principles for correcting every sentence on GMAT and list of specific idioms
  • How to effectively simplify arguments, classify questions and eliminate wrong answers
  • How to read efficiently to understand the underlying questions and answer choices structure
  • Methods to tackle the toughest questions with confusing wording and make sense of it
  • How to avoid common traps and pick subtle mistakes that most students make
  • What the best strategies are for each type of question asked

What is covered in GMAT Verbal Cheat Sheet?


gmat verbal cheat sheet

Reading Comprehension

  • Efficient reading strategies
  • Passage elements
  • Types, timing, typical formats of passages
  • Question solving techniques

Critical Reasoning

  • Argument structure
  • Types of questions
  • Question solving techniques

Sentence Correction

  • Sentence correction essential strategies
  • Fundamental grammar rules tested on GMAT:
    • Noun-verb agreement
    • Pronouns
    • Parallelism
    • Idioms
    • Verb forms
    • Comparisons
    • Irregular verbs list
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