GMAT Tips from Test Takers

The following infographic collects the best and most practical test-taking tips from successful GMAT test-takers. They’ll not only tell you the best strategy to take on studying for one of the most important exams you will take on your life – but they’ll also tell you which parts to focus on during your study sessions. To succeed, you will need a 360 degree view of the GMAT and grab all the wisdom you can in answer the questions accurately and properly! Read more

How to Write the Perfect MBA Application Essay

writing mba essay

When it comes to writing a successful MBA application essay it is important to remember that business schools want future leaders who can act quickly and decisively with little direction, even under stress. To decide if this is you, admissions committees use application essays to learn about the person behind the test scores and transcripts. If you want to increase your chances of acceptance you need to be sure your MBA essay is unique, interesting and informative, while still following the outline provided by the application committee. There are a few basic guidelines that will help you to stay on track and ensure that you are creating an essay which will grab the attention of admissions officers. Read more

GMAT Facts

GMAT Facts is a well crafted and designed infographic containing a lot of interesting and useful information about GMAT test.

  • What is the GMAT test and how often can you take it?
  • What is the GMAT test format and time breakdown?
  • What are GMAT test and results submission fees?
  • What is the GMAT score range breakdown?
  • What are the top U.S. business schools (Stanford, Harvard, Yale) average GMAT scores?
  • GMAT facts is sponsored by GMAT Math Cheat Sheet.

gmat facts infographic

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