We love life hacks, being able to learn faster and do more in a shorter amount of time.
The paradox of the modern world is that all the information we need is available, but we don`t have time to read it. So we try to inspire, motivate and help through a smart hack or shortcut.

We help people to get an abundance of data and information in a very short amount of time – on a lunch break or on the subway, without spending tens of hours trying to learn the secrets of the trade.

Here`s how we can help
Our goal is to create useful cheat sheets that can be reviewed in a matter of minutes. Cheat sheets are concise documents that contain the secrets of experts, step-by-step guides and the essential information one needs to know in order to obtain results.

A cheat sheet is the fastest way to learn because others have done the research for you, trimmed the unnecessary information and gathered the actionable tips and resources, which we offer to to you on a plate.

It’s exhausting and stressful to learn new things and you might not have the time. Cheat sheets are designed to offer useful information right away. Why spend two days researching when you can find all you need to know in a few highly valuable pages?

Learning quickly is important in our busy digital era. Cheat sheets give you advice that has been tested, tools, and plenty of researched resources so that you can become an expert faster.

A lot of work goes into the cheat sheet: the information is carefully chosen, attentively structured and a complete workflow is offered.